Brand Ambassador to Brand Creator, Taylor Shien models a perfect skincare

Brand Ambassador to Brand Creator, Taylor Shien models a perfect skincare

Model turned entrepreneur Taylor Shien is amongst the very few influencers who leveraged their fame in setting up their business ventures. This internet sensation, enjoying more than two million followers on Instagram has raised the bar universally be it with her modeling arena or beauty venture

The 27-year-old based in Atlanta, Georgia, has had her pick of brands looking to collaborate and shoot with her. She earned a name for herself in entertainment when she modeled for Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group at only 22-years-old. During this time, she built a working relationship with the music mogul and partnered with him on many endeavors, including campaigning for his award-winning album Mastermind (2014).

The fame from the modeling career inspired Taylor to embark on this new journey of Boss Girl. The success bolstered Taylor and she entered the skincare industry with a bang.

Derma Clear Skin as the name suggests is all about clearing every pore, the dermatitis of your skin. Everybody has encountered acne issues and Taylor was no different. Taylor quickly realized that her problem is a mainstream problem for every aspiring model or for that matter of fact every woman irrespective of class, creed, sex. She introduced Derma clear skin as a skin booster to combat acne and berry skin. No wonder this quintessential product spiked in the market in a short period and Taylor was on cloud nine as her product served the purpose of flawless skin for women. Taylor’s cutting edge formula for all skin imperfections bore fruit for her. The product is organic and vegan minus sulfate, gluten, paraben, and animal cruelty.

Taylor has paved the way for aspiring entrepreneurs, models, and businesswomen how to rise to the occasion. Taylor expresses her gratitude towards the modeling career which helped her in amassing such a whopping loyal fanbase, this was not possible because of her shining image and reputation as an influencer.

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