Brand Building Expert Los Silva Reveals His Secrets To Success

Brand Building Expert Los Silva Reveals His Secrets To Success

To be successful is every entrepreneur’s dream. However, success is not that complicated as many people ought to think. The best thing to keep in mind when in business is to know that mistakes and failures are pathways towards your success. Failure and success are all too familiar for brand building expert Los Silva.

Los Silva is an honest and open entrepreneur who loves his family and likes to spend time with them. He is the CEO of SVG Media, which aims to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In 2015, Los lost his first company worth 8-figures and 1M in assets to his former business partner. However, determination enabled him to keep moving because he was looking forward to success.

A Ray Of Hope

Los did not allow failure to bring him down. Later, he moved his office to his home. Fortunately, a ray of hope appeared when two former employees, his best friends, and business partners, approached him with something big. The good news is that the idea his colleagues had, gave birth to SVG Media. He helps companies with strategies to scale their businesses, build powerful brands, connect with influencers, and add new marketing channels to their industries. Therefore, the following are the secrets that helped Los towards his success.

Focus And Mindset

The most crucial factor influencing a person’s success, be it personal or professional, is your mindset. What you think about consistently accounts for the primary distinction between the successful people and those who fail. Having the right attitude helps you to achieve an underlying goal. Executing a plan that you once set is the best indicator of your success. Besides, a proper mindset enables you to work through all hardships and challenges you come across in business. The right attitude also helps you face adversity, formulate a winning perspective, and develop a healthy self-esteem that makes you feel capable of achieving great success.

Focus helps you to pay attention and concentrate on the right things without distraction. Having focus is also the gateway to all reasoning, memory, perception, thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving. Focus and mindset help Los stay dialed in to all of his goals, missions, and visions. These two principles have allowed him to become an international speaker, where he teaches about brand building and business scaling.


Resilience is the ability to handle difficult experiences in your success journey. It is well-referred to as being able to control your thoughts and emotions constructively and perceive challenges and failures as an opportunity to succeed but not as a threat. It helps you to set realistic expectations and create a competitive business. Resilience has helped Los build multiple 7 and 8 figure brands. He currently helps DTC companies and personal brands grow online so that they can reach new channels.

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