Brand Kika debut New Tie-Dye festive artistic crockery

Brand Kika debut New Tie-Dye festive artistic crockery

New Tie-Dye festive plates, quarter plates, bowls, mugs, tea cups, espresso cups, snack plates, and square-shaped serveware from luxury tableware brand Kika debut in the city. These items go well with the dinner sets.

We were astonished when we entered the rooftop area of Angadi Heritage to find a plethora of stunning tables decorated with exquisite flowers, delectable quick bites, and, of course, Kika Tableware, the hero of the day. However, if Devika Narain, a well-known wedding designer, had not hosted the city-wide launch of Kika Tableware, the cutlery and crockery would not have appeared to have been transported from a movie set. Yes! This location in JP Nagar will now offer this high-end brand by Janaki Kirloskar, which was established in 2016. Bringing Kika to Bengaluru at Angadi Heritage was a wonderful evening. I was born and raised in Bengaluru, and it holds a special place in my heart. So, we are finally here,” Janaki begins.

The label has been carefully chosen to go with any table setting, whether it’s a colorful palette of dinnerware or an elegant table for a casual high tea or a formal dinner. It has intricate patterns and sleek silhouettes. With Kika, Janaki overcomes any barrier among style and Indian components. The brand offers a stunning selection of high-quality tableware, including innovative pieces like gold embellishments that are safe for the microwave and elegant bone china. Notably, the brand’s Gilded Graphic collection demonstrates its ability to combine modern luxury with timeless designs like ikat, enticing discerning connoisseurs all over the world.

The Tie-Dye collection, the brand’s new festive edit, was also unveiled at the event, in addition to the Kika Bengaluru launch. “Believe it or not, my inspiration for this collection was an outfit that I picked up last year in Diwali. It’s a yellow and purple kurta set, which has a tie-dye print. And I suddenly thought to myself why can’t I translate this and put it onto dinnerware? And that’s pretty much the basis of how all our tableware collections happened,” she reveals. The collection boasts plates, quarter plates, bowls, mugs, tea cups, espresso cups, snack plates and square-shaped serveware that complement the dinner sets.

The collection, which was designed using the Japanese shibori technique and is filled to the brim with hues of orange, yellow, and purple just in time for the holiday season, is lined in 24K gold. she says, “Once the concept was in place, we brought in a bit of block print as well, which has got its Indian heritage, but we interpret all of these Indian patterns or designs in a modern way because we use modern colours. One can also notice numerous flowers, leaves and other motifs, which originated after the Mughal era in Rajasthan, all combined in a way that makes the whole collection very cohesive. It’s not just block prints applied at different distances, but it’s how they come together in a circular pattern and make it all seem very fluid,” Janaki shares.