Braskem Idesa ethane terminal plans to launch in Mexico in 2025

Braskem Idesa ethane terminal plans to launch in Mexico in 2025

The joint endeavor fostering another terminal in Mexico that will supply ethane to Braskem Idesa’s ethylene complex could begin tasks toward the start of 2025, as the undertaking is 48% finished, the Chief of the endeavor said.

The terminal will incorporate two cryogenic tanks, which will give it as much as 54,000 tons of capacity, said Cleantho Leite, President of Terminal Quimica Puerto Mexico (TQPM), the joint endeavor fostering the task. He offered his remarks in a meeting with ICIS.

The terminal will incorporate a 10km pipeline, and it will cost $450m, he said. It will give feedstock to Braskem Idesa’s Ethylene XXI complex, which additionally creates polyethylene (PE).

The extra stockpiling will give the terminal and the ethylene complex with a cushion in the event that a shipment is postponed.

The terminal ought to be finished toward the finish of 2024, which would permit activities to begin in 2025, Leite said.

All when finished, the terminal will give the ethylene complex a protected and dependable inventory of imported ethane that could meet its feedstock needs.

The terminal can expand its ability by 20-25% with no extra speculation, Leite said. That would open up the chance of growing limit at the ethylene complex assuming Braskem Idesa decides to do as such.

Be that as it may, the terminal isn’t intended for a significant development, Leite said.

Braskem Idesa has contracted 100 percent of the terminal’s shipments, he said. The terminal could give feedstock to Mexico’s other ethylene maker, Pemex, however that would require talks.


Ethylene XXI approaches ethane through shipments of homegrown material from Pemex and imports of US material at its ongoing terminal.

The activities at the current terminal are not ideal since it depends on trucks to ship the ethane from the terminal to the complex.

Moreover, the ongoing arrangement doesn’t furnish Braskem Idesa with a huge cradle in the event of disturbances.

A blackout can hit Pemex’s halfway tasks or a tempest could defer a boat.

The ongoing terminal is on the Inlet of Mexico, which fights with dangers from typhoons and hurricanes each mid year.

Braskem Idesa is a joint endeavor comprised of Braskem (75%) and Grupo Idesa.

TQPM is a joint endeavor comprised of Braskem Idesa (half) and Advario.

The meeting was directed via telephone during the Plastimagen plastics expo, which goes through Friday.