Bread Winner Kane: Life of Kane

Bread Winner Kane: Life of Kane

What is the correct definition of the word Boss? If you understand anything about upcoming the difficult path and the lanes, it would be described as “one who motivates his team, someone that they look up to and follow. Because he helps them grow and he makes sure that everyone eats”. Those are the statements of Kane BWA of Artillery South; he is the CEO, businessman, and rapper of Huntsville, Alabama. When you see someone who grew up infused by the tastes of Lil Boosie, Scarface, Waka Flocka, 50 Cent, Kevin Gates, Juvenile, and the legendary Soulja Slim, you don’t understand what you are going to achieve. Still, the only thing that you know, it is not working for the timid. And it’s going to be rowdy.

We all may listen to the account of a team leader who wants to start a music business. He launched his music company and a studio. He makes investments to some rappers, but after understanding and seeing the game, he realized that he possesses some abilities, he has to use them. So in the music industry of rappers and CEOs like Rocko Day Don or baby cofounder of CashMoney, Kane comes into the picture as a rapper. He starts doing rap.

He has two brothers from other mothers Kevin Gates, an American entrepreneur, singer, rapper, and Zaytoven, a super record producer. When you have brothers like them and work like Bread Winners Association, your opportunities to be victorious in the music industry is more than the average person who gets a chance. He worked with Zaytoven, Kevin Gates, Haitian Fresh, Webbie, Rocko, Fredo Bang, Project Pat, Juvenile, etc.

Kane’s Music

Even though Kane moves like a first-class musician when he is in the spotlight and club, he usually remains simple when it comes to himself. He didn’t drive fancy cars, but people show love and respect for Kane everywhere he goes. It is a thing that you earned from your behaviour; it is not given. And this is what you listen to in the music he has sung. When he came to the music industry, he gave some gemstones like the ode to the fallen legend, “Soulja Slim,” “SooWoop,” and “Papi Colito.” He grabs the attention of all the top-level magazines, sites, and blogs through his efforts. As an uprising rapper, he is given prominence by the Hip Hop Weekly in their Next2Blow section. The world has viewed another side of Alabama through the mixtape released by Kane in January, hosted by the DJ/ Producer Swamp Izzo, and Barely Famous featuring production from Zaytoven. Kane is showing the right side of struggle through his music. He desires from you that you listen to his music and get the complete message before making any judgment. He wants to be recognized as a hustler who used rap as a new trick, not as a rapper. But one thing is sure that Kane has a tale to tell that you will give attention to it and enjoy it.