Business Blurb is Curating Business Media for the NOW

Business Blurb is Curating Business Media for the NOW

Over the past few years, social media has not only become a place for friends to connect but a place for entertainment, news and education. Although some billionaires like Mark Cuban have sought out caution regarding social media, “By what you do on social media, you are creating a profile about yourself and that is going to be used, not just by online companies, but that’s going to be used in every walk of life.” Other entrepreneurs are capitalizing on delivering curated business content to social media.

Entrepreneurial media company Business Blurb aims to grow its library of business educational content and through offering their wide audience an array of advice, guidance and inspiration for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Business Blurb co-founder Brendan Cox told Forbes, “We have learned that the new generation is more active with their phone than anything else. Following trends and capturing the audience’s attention on social media is our primary focus, given that our target users are Gen-Z.”

Cox and his co-founders, Devin Caherly and Faiz Imran have been praised by many on social media. Dylan Carroll tweeted: “I am a HUGE fan of what Brendan Cox is doing with Business Blurb. Him and his staff are writing excellent articles on entrepreneurship that is missed by TechCrunch, Forbes, and Business Insider.”

Younger generations are not disengaged from reading the news, they are simply opting for more comprehensive and engaging ways to digest news rather than reading a 400-word article. Generation Z is seeking out headlines and interactive educational experiences across Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat. 

Business Blurb is so successful because this is exactly their philosophy. They have essentially redefined the norm for business content on social media and frankly in general. Making news and educational information easier and more exciting to digest is exactly what a digital-driven generation needs.