Business is Booming for Terry Maxwell

Business is Booming for Terry Maxwell

With more and more entrepreneurs emerging every day, competition is getting tougher and tougher in almost every industry. It becomes important to find an edge over your competition, or find a way to grow your business faster than others. Terry Maxwell was able to gain his edge after finding his way into a viral Twitter video.

Terry was able to brand himself as a public figure based on his appearance in the viral video that gained millions of views online. He funneled the massive viewership into his personal brand and his businesses. This allowed Terry to not only accelerate the growth of his businesses, but also amass a following of over 200,000 online.

Terry has been an entrepreneur for a long time, but nowadays he’s running an entire business empire. Terry runs two CBD companies, M Six Labs and Nobel CBD, as well as online smoke shop Glass Nation and his family’s finance business Web Finance Direct. With business booming for Terry, he hopes to keep the ball rolling and grow his businesses even more, as well as grow his following as a public figure.

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