Celebrity Fitness Trainer Omkar Shewale is back in business post lockdown

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Omkar Shewale is back in business post lockdown

Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it is not the end.

Recently the outbreak of the second wave of Covid 19 has put a pause to several financial and economical activities across the country. There are tons of people who were stuck in their homes due to the imposition of lockdown by the authorities. But now as the situation gets better things are getting back on track and people are going back to their work.

Things seem the same with the amazing nutritionist and celebrity fitness trainer Omkar Shewale as he is back in action post lockdown. Though the trainer was not sitting ideal at the time of lockdown as he was engaged with online training sessions and fitness activities, the upliftment of the lockdown has given an extra edge to his work.

“I am extremely happy to go back to work post lockdown. There was quite a stuff that I was managing from home, but the field that I am in not everything can be done without a personal touch”, said Omkar.

The trainer is extremely happy to go back to his routine which he missed all this time. The fitness enthusiast is working extremely hard to keep up the pace which he left before lockdown. Now that Omkar must handle both his manual work and the online session that he began at the time of lockdown, the trainer is overwhelmed with work in his cape. Still, the nutritionist is handling all the stuff is grace and perfection.

Fitness training is not an easy job at all it requires an extreme amount of hard work and enthusiasm. Omkar Shewale deserves a lot of praise for managing his job with a lot of elegance with no room for errors. On the work front, the celebrity trainer is training vocalist Darshan Rawal for 3 years now.