Celebrity nutritionist Anisha V Ranjan shared Covid-19 recovery diet plan, people giving positive reviews

Nowadays everyone has been affected by the corona epidemic, it may be physically, mentally or financially. At this time some people also came out as Corona Warrior. Nutritionist Anisha V Ranjan recently shared a diet plan on her social media. Which she describes as the Covid-19 Recovery Diet Plan.

She says that if a corona positive follows this diet plan, then surely the one will be able to fight the disease. She also said that anyone should follow this diet plan, whether the one is corona positive or not. Because adopting this diet plan will definitely improve the immunity system of any person and increase their immunity power. Anisha V Ranjan told that many of those who have followed this diet plan have given positive reviews.

Anisha V Ranjan is a celebrity nutritionist who has given diet plans to so many celebrities and made them fit physically. From actress Ameesha Patel to Bigg Boss fame Shefali Bagga or Jasleen Matharu, many celebrities have also thanked Anisha on her Instagram @anishaweightlossdiet. Anisha also gives free diet tips to her followers on her Instagram. She says that she can make anyone fit even without exercise if the one follows her diet plan.