Chicago Property Report Explains Chicago Zoning Certifications

Chicago Property Report Explains Chicago Zoning Certifications

When a transfer of sale happens in Chicago you may need a zoning certification. Condos, co-ops, vacant land and commercial property do not need a Zoning Certifications. Townhouses and residential buildings with 1-5 dwellings are required to have a Zoning Certification.

The City of Chicago requires a $120 fee to be paid to the City of Chicago upon submitting the paperwork. Once manually submitted at the office downtown, you will return in five business days to pick up your certified Chicago Zoning Certification. Information required to complete your Chicago Zoning Certification form:

  • Property address
  • Property index number (PIN)
  • Number of dwelling units within the structure by floor
  • Owner applicant information
  • Contract/return mail information

An important consideration to remember, is that only the dwelling units count in mixed-use buildings. Meaning, a street front commercial store with two units above, would be certified as a two unit dwelling.

Chicago Property Report can handle the Chicago Zoning Certification paperwork for you, at nominal cost. We will fill out your paperwork accurately, handle the drop off and pick up efficiently without wasting time at Chicago City Hall.

Chicago Property Report is a highly reputable company known all over the Chicago and Cook County real estate business environment. What makes them a favorite for practitioners in the industry is their commitment to ensuring a proper solution for their customers who need certifications.