ChouBox, Hands Free Litter Solutions

ChouBox, Hands Free Litter Solutions

I think most cat parents would agree that there’s no joy in litter box maintenance. It’s just a nasty time-consuming chore no one wants to do. ChouBox, from the pet experts at Choueer, is an innovative automatic litter box that will transform this odious daily obligation into a quick twice monthly maintenance task.


With the most generous open-air entry on the market, Choubox is inviting and comfortable for different size felines. It ergonomically accommodates even jumbo-sized breeds, like Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats. ChouBox automatically disposes of all potty traces of its last user, making it superior for multi-cat households. In fact, a single unit can serve up to three household pets, eliminating the need for multiple traditional boxes, not to mention pounds of wasted litter.


ChouBox features true automatic cleaning and odor elimination. It effortlessly separates the clumps from the litter and whisks them through a vertical poop chute, trapping them in a sealed container. Then, it returns the litter bed back to a flat pristine state for the next user. If a cat tries to jump in while the cleaning is in progress, strategically placed sensors immediately halt the cycle until the cat leaves.


ChouBox adopts an ozone generator and UV light that naturally sanitize and inhibit bacterial growth. The sealed collection box plus sanitation are so effective, most users go for two weeks between manual disposals. Just in case you’re tempted to forget about it entirely, the smart app will remind you if the waste drawer is full. At that point, simply open it, cinch the ties on the garbage bag, lift it out, and dispose of the soiled litter. Insert a new bag, top off the litter, and you’re all set. No fuss, no mess.


If you’re looking for the freedom to travel and come home to a fresh-smelling home, this self-cleaning cat litter box is a terrific solution. Let’s face it, It’s much easier to get a friend or neighbor to stop in and feed the cats when they know they won’t have to lay hands on a smelly litter box


For cat owners anxious to get their paws on the ChouBox, it’s launching Spring 2022. Visit HERE to learn more and to take advantage of early bird perks and discounts.