Chris Goma dropped a new single, read all about it!

Chris Goma’s new single “Passion” is the honey dipped neo-soul track to play during practically any occasion this summer. The smooth production creates an ambience of absolute bliss. The playful bounce of the bass line grounds the song, while Goma’s vocal runs and vibrato add create a well rounded soundscape for audiences to grapple with. 

The message of the song is one of constant strive. Goma’s dedication to music is rendered through not only the lyrics, but the energy and excitement he has in delivering them. The backbone of the song as a whole is— as the title states—passion, which is apparent through Goma’s inspiring performance. The song’s message, paired with the irresistible production, somehow pushes the listener to get up and dance, while also wanting to sit down and hone in their own passion.

“Passion” is available on all streaming platforms.