Citizen Chat’s Personal and Business Profiles to Help you Grow

Citizen Chat’s Personal and Business Profiles to Help you Grow

A survey shows that half a billion people use social messaging apps as the primary mode of communication all around the world. However, one can easily see the personal and professional apps are different but professionally as well, communication apps are in demand. In 2020, 58% reported reaching out to social messaging apps for a customer service concern and got the solution.

With increasing urbanization, there is the need for all-in-one one social messaging app which is not just limited to communication but supports professionally as well. Such requirements of the changing times have been fulfilled by one app solution – CitizenChat.

As a result of technological developments, the made in India app, CitizenChat is replacing multiple mobile applications. You will be excited to know that you can hire or get hired using a CitizenChat app. You can be a part of working communities easily. 

The application promotes conversation and integrates various elements of professional surroundings. Hence, allows true bonds at personal and professional levels. It brings people together having common interests. The logo itself represents the perfect intertwining.

The new Chat Interface Key Features Includes –

  • Video Content

You can share your memories as video or share your opinions through audio posts with text. Use # to make your posts globally popular. See top posts, follow posts and get updates from across the app. This can be a great way to showcase company profiles.

  • Communication

Enjoy chatting, make a smooth audio or video call and exchange media with your personal and professional connections. You can create groups to communicate to a larger audience. Add unlimited group members. You have the choice to select your participants, add administrators. Enjoy complete control of your group. See all connections in the list of all friends. You have the list of friends, their name, contact numbers, location and occupation.

  • Live Chat Translator

Utilise the chat translator facility that works automatically and get rid of language barriers. It is a live tool to translate messages to the language as per your choice.

  • Video Editing Tool

Make your video posts more exciting using its amazing editing tool. Trim your videos, add music, adjust volume and speed, apply effects and filters, add stickers/polls/text over your video, add video thumbnail, add voiceover.

  • #Hashtags

All top hashtags are available on #Hashtags page. You can search for a hashtag, people and posts worldwide under any hashtag.

  • Citizens Search

It gives you the opportunity to connect with organizations globally. Use global filter search and get connected with people nearby or across the world according to your preferences.

  • Personal Profile

It is the interesting part. Showcase your portfolio and get appreciations. Make your profile interesting and keep it up to date with a mood status to convey your mood.

  • Company Profile

Use the products tab. It represents the entire bio of a company defining products, services and offers. You can post a description of your products/services. Make your bio impressive with a work gallery, your current job, work experience, skills and certifications, email ID, hobbies, known languages. You can add a video introduction. You can share your profile like a business card.

  • Chatbot

Companies can provide their personalised chatbot for better engagement with their customers. Get a headstart to their business with instant replies to the clients.

  • Privacy

You can make your post public or private and allow comment or off comments. You can enable duet reactions. Enabling duet mode allows the reaction to your videos and sync to the music. You can archive messages/contacts and accept or reject the request from connection. Have separate lists of pending connections, archived messages and numbers.

  • Notification Center

Get notified with job notification, referred offers for you, call history.

  • Collaborate on Projects with CitizenChat Community

You can post a project that you want to complete with the help of CitizenChat community. You can set the parameters of your project and anyone interested can respond to it.

  • Contests

This is a unique feature of the app that enables users to create or participate in attractive contests. You have the opportunity to win exciting rewards by the open contests.

  • CC Courses

‘CC Courses’ page is also a unique feature of CitizenChat. You can upgrade yourself with the trending courses. Learn new topics daily from a wide range of courses for personal and professional development.

  • Premium Profile

Registered premium users can acquire a premium badge with special privileges. They will get more profile visibility to customers, more job posting, and advertise more products and services.

CitizenChat is fully loaded with distinct features that will help you to grow. Users can follow companies to avail their services, or to apply to their jobs. Similarly, businesses can also upload their product and services, advertise recruitment drives and get suitable candidates. One of the Outlook reports says ‘More clients than ever are connected through social media communication apps to get help from businesses. Only most engaged businesses will only continue to rise.