Clear and Safety-focused, Tesla’s New Basic Autopilot Video Tutorial

Clear and Safety-focused, Tesla’s New Basic Autopilot Video Tutorial

Following the release of V12.3, Tesla appears to be making significant progress with its Full Self-Driving (FSD) package. Even so, the company’s flagship advanced driver-assist technology, FSD, still has a significant impact on Tesla’s electric vehicles thanks to basic Autopilot. Given this, it appears that Tesla is stepping up its efforts to inform drivers of the limitations of the technology and how to operate basic Autopilot.

The business has published an extensive video centered on the fundamental functions of Autopilot and how to use it properly, as demonstrated by the Tesla Tutorials channel on YouTube. Throughout the course of the more than four-minute film, Tesla emphasizes that cars are not automatically driven by the features of basic Autopilot. Additionally, the manufacturer highlighted that the basic Autopilot is intended to function with a driver who is completely focused.

The two primary functions of basic Autopilot, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) and Autosteer (Beta), were thoroughly covered in the movie, along with their advantages and disadvantages. The Tesla Tutorial video covered how to activate both functions, customize their settings, and deactivate them. All things considered, it is very encouraging that Tesla has released a tutorial that only covers the fundamentals of Autopilot.

Since Basic Autopilot has been a standard feature on all Tesla vehicles for years, it is probably the most popular driver-assist package available from Tesla right now. However, it is also perhaps the one that people consciously or unintentionally exploit the most. Online safety-focused instructions that are easy to follow might make it less likely for Tesla drivers to abuse basic Autopilot.

Although Teslas have all come equipped with basic Autopilot for years, the firm is aggressively marketing its Full Self-Driving technology to both new and current customers. For instance, Tesla just declared that it will be offering qualifying vehicles in the US and Canada a free one-month FSD trial.