Co-founders of ShopValley, Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput, reveal future plans

Co-founders of ShopValley, Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput, reveal future plans

After the internet boom and after e-commerce really started taking off in India, there were a lot of brands that popped up that were selling mainstream products targeted at the youth of the country. But anyone who has been in the business world for a while can tell you that that is not how you make a successful brand. You gain success by thinking different from the crowd, and finding out a unique, untapped niche.

The beginning of ShopValley

This is what the founders of ShopValley, Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput did in October 2017 when they first launched their brand. These two young entrepreneurs, despite their age and lack of experience, already had the wisdom that some people do not have even after years. They knew that in order to make their presence known in this increasingly competitive market, they would have to stand out. And that is what they did.

ShopValley deal in selling unique pieces of jewelry that glow in the dark. They also have some great accessories pieces that are completely one-of-a-kind. If you are a fashionista or love accessories, you will love their collection. Some of the most amazing products from this company include lovely keychains with unique quotes on them, quirky bracelets, and glow in the dark necklaces.

Gaining Success

ShopValley gained most of its success due to the unique marketing strategies used by its founders. They knew that they will need targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to reach the audience they need to reach. These ads and brilliant marketing strategies certainly paved the way for the brand to attain its current position as one of the most popular jewelry and accessory brands in India.

The company created interesting posts and videos for these ads and consistently mentioned the exceptional quality and uniqueness of their products in these videos. Through these ads and through their unique approach of creating products that offer something extra, ShopValley has certainly emerged victoriously three years after its launch. Just one example of their resounding success is that ever since their launch, they have shipped more than 100,000 orders and they still send out over 200 order every day now.

Facing the challenges

Having said that, it is also true that success was slow to come and the duo of entrepreneurs did have to face some challenged in the early phase of their work. The very first one being – establishing a bond of trust between the customers and the brand. Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput put their brilliant minds together and came to the conclusion that as long as their quality of products and services is impeccable, they can rely on their customers to trust them and return for more purchases.

Future plans

The company is growing every single day, and the plan to increase the number of orders from 200 to 500 in a day. Both the partners have buckled up and doubled down on their efforts to achieve this goal, and with their conviction, we would not be surprised if this happens sooner then they realize.