Collierville business start-up initiative winners were revealed

Collierville business start-up initiative winners were revealed

As a business start-up initiative, a corporation announced in July that it will hold a pop-up store contest with limited free retail space.

There are already six winners of the Pop-Local Contest based on the votes cast.

The Bluff City-based dance group L.Y.E Academy was one of the recipients of Edward Realty group’s Pop Local business program.

The dance company will shortly be having an opening at the Carriage Crossing’s Suite 626.

When the company first launched, it said it would give $5,000 and three months of free rent to two small business owners or entrepreneurs to test their goods or services in a retail location.

According to the company’s website,”Pop Local at Carriage Crossing was an overwhelming success! We received 200+ applications from so many deserving, highly-qualified businesses. Our original intent was to name two winners. However, after careful consideration and meeting all Finalists, we opted to award SIX businesses with 3 months of free rent and $5,000.”

An official list of the winners is provided here:

Bare Fruit Acai Bar

L.Y.E Academy

Nerd Alert Retro Arcade

One Cozy Home


Slimetastic Kids Play Lab