Cotton V/S Polyester Sheets: Making the Best Choice

Cotton V/S Polyester Sheets: Making the Best Choice

Quality sleep every day is really important to revitalise your body. I’m sure after an exhausting day you would want to hit the sack and go off to sleep. But then the bedsheet starts to hinder the peaceful sleep you longed for throughout the day.

Hence, a perfect bed sheet is a necessity for a good night’s sleep. And for a perfect bedsheet, the perfect fabric is a must.

Cheap Bedsheets?

Most people look for bed sheets that are low priced and tend to ignore other criteria before purchasing them, which is why people tend to buy polyester bed sheets. No doubt, polyester bed sheets are super affordable. Apart from reasonable pricing, they are also durable, laundry friendly and insulators of heat.

But is this durable, low-priced bed sheet, ideal for a resting sleep?

Polyester fabric is made up of harsh chemicals. The synthetic fibres it consists of can cause skin allergies to a person. Therefore, sleeping on polyester can make you feel itchy and cause irritation. On the other hand, cotton is naturally breathable. It can be called a moisture-free fabric, which makes it highly suitable for bedding.

Polyester sheets are also less breathable, making it humid and sticky. If you live in a high-temperature city, then polyester bed sheets are a big no for you. It might be good for cold places, but being a good insulator of heat should not be a reason to invest in polyester bed sheets. There are various alternatives for that.

Moreover, polyester is also not environmentally friendly. The usage of harsh chemicals damages the environment. In comparison to cotton, polyester requires way more energy to be produced.

If low price is the reason attracting you to polyester mattress, I’d strongly recommend you check out cotton bed sheets from Stellar. It has an amazing range of bedsheets with a sale going on and at low prices. They have various low price bedsheets with good quality cotton fabric.

One of my favourites is the Stellar Home Iris Double Size Bed Linen, super comfy with a check plaid pattern and fortunately has sale online.

Cotton is the most appropriate material to be used for sheets for a good night’s sleep. It is soft and durable and offers great comfort.

If I had to make my pick, I’d any day go for cotton bed sheets than polyester sheets, especially with Stellar having such cheap bed sheets on sale with good quality.

However, if you’re yet a fan of polyester bedding, Stellar has those for you as well. Hop on to their website: and sleep tight.