Cover Plates: The Ultimate Information

Cover Plates: The Ultimate Information

Covers for electrical outlets, such as wall and switch plates, are sometimes known as faceplates. They are commonly utilised at most if not all, cable entrance points in homes and businesses, and they hide the wires, making the area more secure and tidier.

The cover plate, or wall or mounting plates, are commonly found in electrical accessory bundles. Over electrical outlets or light switches are where you’ll most frequently find them in homes and offices. Most are composed of metal or plastic and either screw, clip, or push (snap) into place.

Many individuals choose metal options for a more refined aesthetic in their homes and workplaces. Metal substitutes are available in various colours, tones, and finishes, and Die-cast zinc, chrome, and brushed stainless steel faceplates are popular finishes.

There is a wide variety of electrical mounting plates and faceplates available nowadays. Most can be acquired for little money and set up in little time. Multiple factors, such as influence the final price per unit:

  •  Model type
  • Designated Role
  • Materials used
  • General Construction Quality
  •  Required number of gangs

Custom faceplates and combination wall plates can be expensive, but they can be useful for specific applications.

A blanking plate can be installed over a plug or outlet that doesn’t need to be utilised as a cable entry point. There are no openings or dead ends on its surface. Instead, it serves as a protective covering that is sleek and quite shallow, and it rests on the wall in a rather flush fashion.

The Value Of Switch And Outlet Covers

Covering Switches and Outlets is a Great Safety Measure – Replacing a switch or outlet cover is a simple way to prevent electrical hazards, including exposed wiring and accidental finger contact.

They come in handy when international sockets are no longer used or when the essential wiring is already housed in the backbox. When an electrical outlet is not in use, covering it with a blanking plate makes it more secure and protects it from dirt and moisture.

Switch Plates For Walls

Wall plates designed for light switches perform the same functions as any other international sockets cover. Additional features that enable connecting a wide variety of standard switch types can be found on the rear of the device.

Light switch cover plate is available in a wide selection of customisable options that can be purchased. Faceplates for rocker, push-button, and dimmer switches are among the most commonly searched-for switch types online.


The term “finish” can be used to describe either the faceplate material or the overall presentation style of a wall plate. Plastic or metal will constitute the predominant materials for all major consumer brands and models. In either case, the unit will still perform its essential functions.

Plastic faceplates nearly always cost less than their metal counterparts on the internet. White, and occasionally black and grey, are the most common colours for plastic cover plates. When it comes to their electric applications, Legrand Eshop may be relied upon.