Cyborg Ape Dynasty Is Here With Stunning Benefits For Its NFT Holders

Cyborg Ape Dynasty Is Here With Stunning Benefits For Its NFT Holders

Cyborg Ape Dynasty is here to help you get the maximum benefit of NFTs. CAD is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with huge plans for the future. 

The holders of Cyborg Ape Dynasty will get many benefits such as access to upto 44 ETH in giveaways and attending party in Las Vegas with some flights and hotels being covered. Additionally, the holders will be able to generate passive income and a chance to win huge merchandise coming next year. 

The apes will be expanding into the Metaverse and because CAD is community driven, it will be funding 20 ETH to the community wallet and additionally, 25% of all secondary sales will go to the community wallet. Also the lucky person who mints the king cyborg ape can allocate 5% of the community wallet to what they think will be most beneficial. Isn’t it amazing?

Those who are unaware, NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) is a supercool application of blockchain technology and is here to change the world forever. If you have something special or unique in you, NFTs are here to provide you best value out of it. If you are singer, you can let your fans buy your special NFTs through which they can enjoy your exclusive music. If you are an avid book reader, then through your NFT you can sale a book you have just completed reading. Now you will ask what’s special in a second hand book. Well, if as a book reader you have highlighted special pointers, observations in the book and it can be helpful to the person who owns it next then it’s sure something special and unique. It’s definitely something you can sale through your NFT. The person who will buy your book will be the sole owner of that special copy. 

So are you a ready to be a part of Cyborg Ape Dynasty?