D.Beezy Official Social Media

D.Beezy Official Social Media

D.Beezy talks about his official social media accounts and fakes

We recently got a chance to talk with D.Beezy about his future plans with his music and official plans for his new EP and Mixtape and the topic got brought up about his social media. We decided to to a separate story on it to go more in-depth with the American Rapper/Recording artist and get his take on it. He stated that all of his social media handles are the same “VFLBeezy” with the exception of his Facebook which is simply “D.Beezy”.

We asked him with all of the recent success with his music, has his social media been any different for him. D.Beezy went on to answer “Well, I’m verified on Facebook so that eliminates any confusion there. Back when I first started music though that’s the only social media I focused on so now it’s verified with over 69k followers. I’m not having to fight the battle of catching up on my Instagram and Twitter. It’s hard because I’m not verified on either of those platforms and since my music is really picking up, that’s caused a lot of confusion as fake accounts are starting to pop up more and more.”

D.Beezy went on to say that he has actually applied for verification through the Instagram app quite a few times but has since been denied every time because Instagram’s guideline stating that he doesn’t meet the requirements for verification which raised the question that we had about Facebook owning Instagram and while D.Beezy is verified on Facebook, how come it just doesn’t cross over? D.Beezy said “I thought the same thing, I even linked my verified Facebook to my official Instagram before I applied and still got denied. I’m not sure If I have to have a certain amount of followers or what but if I were to be verified, it would be a lot easier to gain those followers. I’m just not sure how that works, to be honest with y’all.”

As for Twitter, the form to request for verification is down and has been down (paused) since February 26, 2018. Twitter has since recently started verifying “gamers”, “New Media” and some newer “Politicians”. There is no word on when they will have their new form available but one could assume that D.Beezy should be able to get verified relatively easy since the last for allowed you to submit links to what you do etc. That’s the major flaw that Instagram seems to have without having a way to send validation unless you have access to a Facebook Media Panel which most everyone will not.

D.Beezy is still hopeful for verification on both Instagram and Twitter as it would help his brand and his music tremendously. He said that it’s not going to slow him down as he is still going to release as often as he can but he did say “I’m not going to lie, I wake up still hoping to see that little blue checkmark beside my name.” with a little smirk on his face.

Below is his official social media
Twitter: VFLBeezy
Instagram: VFLBeezy
Facebook: D.Beezy