David Niu, a businessman from Seattle, develops a new startup that reimagines PR

David Niu, a businessman from Seattle, develops a new startup that reimagines PR

As a sequential business person who began and sold three new companies, David Niu understands what it resembles to be a President looking for media inclusion. What’s more, he believes there’s a superior way for organizations to land PR that can assist with driving by and large achievement.

Niu is the Chief and organizer behind Joy Labs, another startup that plans to apply illustrations from Niu’s insight.

At his initial two Seattle new businesses — NetConversions (offered to aQuantive) and BuddyTV (offered to Vizio) — Niu recruited customary PR firms. It generally never paid off and Niu had no clue about the thing was or alternately wasn’t working.

“Despite hiring and firing numerous PR agencies, both large and boutique, I never quite cracked the code,” Niu said. “That was until TINYpulse.”

Established by Niu in 2012, TINYpulse had some expertise in programming that assisted organizations with directing speedy representative overviews and accumulate criticism.

Niu took PR in-house and treated it more like a high-performing outreach group that expected to drive income and development. The organization broke down information and different measurements to support its opportunity for media inclusion.

TINYpulse additionally began distributing studies and other promoting content about worker commitment.

“I still remember when we landed a hit with BBC, and our leads funnel exploded overnight,” Niu said. “Leads were buying without a trial, and that spike added millions to our valuation.”

TINYpulse offered to Limeade in 2021 for $8.8 million in real money.

Enchant Labs is working with two clients in the wellbeing and health area, and plans to grow. The 4-man organization is bootstrapped by Niu.

“Everyone has their approach that can work well for their clients,” he said. “But our clients, like my own experience, oftentimes have unsuccessfully tried PR in the past and want a more transparent, accountable, predictable PR motion that drives acquisition, SEO, and branding success.”

The organization produces income on a retainer-premise. Niu said he’s reasoning regarding likewise carrying out a product offering that could commend the organization’s PR administrations.

Charm Labs delivered a review Wednesday with study results connected with why organizations put resources into PR and the measurements they use to gauge achievement. The investigation discovered that more modest organizations esteem more income based objectives while bigger ones esteem correspondence based objectives.