Day1 Anti is Making a Name for Himself With Songs Like “Did it All”

Day1 Anti is Making a Name for Himself With Songs Like “Did it All”

Calling Detroit, Michigan home is up-and-coming hip hop artist Day1 Anti who is looking to make a splash in the music industry. He hasn’t always been in the best situation growing up in life and has spent most of his days running the streets and doing all that he can to provide for his family. Looking to change the status quo, Day1 Anti is now taking his shot at the music world as he attempts to better his own life and the life of his loved ones. In his pursuits, he recently dropped a new song titled “Did It All.”

Did It All” features Day1 Anti speaking about his time in the trenches and how he has done it all to get himself to where he is today. It has been anything but an easy journey for Day1 Anti, expressing his trials and tribulations by painting that picture for his fans. No matter what life throws at him, he knows he will be able to handle it all and is excited to continue growing as an artist.

2021 is lining up to be a great year for Day1 Anti. He has a few projects in the works, as well as a handful of singles lined up to release towards the end of the year. Be sure to keep up with Day1 Anti, as he is a talent you’re not going to want to miss out on.

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