Dayan tells us about the path to becoming a successful singer

Dayan tells us about the path to becoming a successful singer

How did Dayan and the music come about?

My father had a hard life, that’s why he was sad by nature and most of the poets he memorized were sad and heavy

When I was a teenager, I had a friend in the guidance school who had the same taste in music and we played the guitar for hours and discussed music and even wrote songs!

At the age of 14, I went to the theater together with my friend, and for the first time I saw the stage up close, it was extremely stunning, even the hall was empty of spectators.

Little by little, I made silent music for theater groups and performed live with the showWordless music performed with one or two guitars won prizes at the festival for many years and was considered a great success.

In Tizhoshan schools, I studied high school of experimental sciences, pre-university of mathematics and physics, post graduate diploma in accounting, bachelor’s degree in business management, senior in banking management!

Since I was a teenager, I loved the music conservatory, but unfortunately, there was no music university in the city, only music schools whose teachers taught their old pop styles and it was not interesting at all!

I worked in the market since I was a child until I was a bank employee at the same time as the last semesters of university!

But I did not like the life of an employee at all

At the age of 21, I started a music studio for myself at the same time as university and working in a bank.

I didn’t like the life of an employee and I always thought about my dreams and it was hard for me to accept that I would remain an employee for many years, every day I waited for my work at the bank to finish and go to the studio.

At first, as an electric guitar player, I used to go to music studios and play guitar in other people’s songs.

I was making and selling songs and melodies since I was 15 or 16 years old! I never thought that One day I would sing my own songs!

In order to sell the songs and melodies, I used to record them with my own voice and this was the beginning of my story. My friends and people around me always said to sing your own songs, but I had no intention of.

How did you become a successful singer?

Traveling to and from Tehran studios, finding successful and famous art friends and spending time with music and art people was always more exciting for me than anything else.

Along with technology and the emergence of the Internet, new music styles have emerged in Iran, Rap R&B. One of the most popular

At that time, there was a new and special mood for teenagers and young people, anyone who had any ideas and songs could freely record for themselves, and the Repfa site was a free for um for broadcasting and publishing the works of underground artists of those years.

Rap music was popular and almost all young people were interested in it Persian rap was a strange development in its time, which still exists after 20 years and with the presence of new free underground artists (fourth generation).

Again, the starting point is considered to be the rappers of the first gener ationTimes are changing and technology is the vector of these changes.

As I loved rock and metal, rap and R&B music was also added to it. Rap is a completely freestyle to write. Anyone who has any idea can tell without censorship!

Foreign groups such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, P.O.D…Mixed styles of rock and rap caught my attention Iran, rock and metal fans are less than rap and pop, unfortunately, and certain people listen to pure rock, which is also decreasing every year!

I was also inspired by everything I was interested in and it influenced my songs and melodies.I wrote many songs and all of them were true stories of me and my surroundings, subjects that affected my soul and heart, but I was still more interested in arranging music than transcribing.I arranged many songs for prominent underground singers of that time and through these acquaintances and going back and forth to Tehran, one of my friends introduced me to a newly established Iranian music company in Dubai where a group of the best artists were working, EMA company.