DeFi “Gold Rush” in the Digital Economy Era——Look at what kind of sparks Tianlong LOONG brings

DeFi “Gold Rush” in the Digital Economy Era——Look at what kind of sparks Tianlong LOONG brings

The bull market in the cryptocurrency market in 2021 once again ignited investors’ enthusiasm for participation. In a market where the overall market is generally good, investors have high enthusiasm for innovative cryptocurrencies in new fields and sectors such as DeFi and NFT.

    The Token project of the universe’s strongest king of crypto assets, jointly created by the New York Coin Exchange and the Chinese Overseas Chinese Tianlong Foundation, is coming, and will promote the construction of the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain.

Just like the gold rush of the 18th century, the DeFi “gold rush” of the digital economy has officially opened.

The LOONG blockchain is the underlying technology of the entire industry chain covering the upstream and downstream nodes of the global economic market. It is a huge distributed computing network constructed by idle computing power. It uses the Binance Smart Chain and the Huobi Ecological Chain to integrate resources. Users bring cloud computing services that are cheaper, safer, and have a better experience.

As the universe’s strongest king of crypto-asset computing power Token, the 10% miner fee is continuously deflated by on-chain transfer, 4% of which is completely destroyed and penetrated into the cosmic black hole, 3% is distributed to the coin-holding address, and 3% is rewarded for node market liquidity. The extremely tempting initial price of 1 usdt is exchanged for 10 million loong to the smart contract target price of 100 USDT. The deflationary destruction mechanism is designed to create the myth of billions of times of wealth!

The LOONG blockchain adopts a consensus mechanism similar to POS+PBFT, and the leader will be elected in the network. The election rules are based on the ability of miners to provide LOONG.

In order to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the LOONG blockchain ecosystem, digital tokens are issued for system operation and service consumption within the platform, election voting, payment settlement, dividends, etc. The details are as follows:

Token Name: Tianlong Coin

English abbreviation: LOONG

Core algorithm: SHA256

Block speed: 3-5 seconds/block

Difficulty adjustment: 1block

Total issuance: 1,000 trillion (constant number, never additional issuance)

Official website:

Redemption address:

Contract address: 0x5eb4e53b3b94e480d4796194fff9a2ac5e41d3a6

Tianlong (LOONG) supports the Huobi Eco-Chain + Binance Smart Chain dual-chain communication, gains full support in Huobi Wallet and TP Wallet, superimposes popular DeFi application scenarios, lays out the NFT Red Sea, and aims at the Musk Mars plan and the Zhihas car rough plan , To create a rare blockchain myth! !

In the context of global digital transformation, LOONG will play an irreplaceable role in the future blockchain ecology, and even become the key driving force and cornerstone of the digital economy transformation.

No one wants to miss NFT+DeFi, then don’t miss LOONG!!!