Description of Ms. Sona Samipoor, owner of Sona Arte brand and famous Iranian blogger in relation to branding

Description of Ms. Sona Samipoor, owner of Sona Arte brand and famous Iranian blogger in relation to branding

It does not matter if you are the owner of a newly started business or you have been running your own business for many years, in any branding voice, it is a basic and essential marketing and success of your company that you can not and You should not ignore it. But what does branding really mean and how does it affect your business?

Simply put, your brand is your reputation with the customer. The brand tells your customers what to expect from your products and services. What is the difference between what you offer and what your competitors offer? Your brand is the result of your current personality, the personality you want to be, and the perception of others of your personality.

The philosophy of branding is widespread today; So that a branding campaign has been created for it, which pays attention to many points to create a brand, including the visual and even the audio aspects of a brand. They even study parts on the pronunciation of a brand in different languages ​​to choose a brand that has the same pronunciation in all languages.

What is the purpose of branding and branding?

The goal of branding is to help your customers in the simplest and most convenient way to understand what your brand offers and what distinguishes it from others. But branding is not just a unique selling proposition, it is a combination of all the ways in which you connect with what your brand is based on.

In fact, branding helps you create a positive experience for your consumers so that they never forget your brand name. But if you ignore the principles of branding, you may inadvertently create a negative and unpleasant experience and lose your potential customers, or at least you can not have loyal customers.

How to introduce our brand to others?

As branding and brand strategy development can be complex, be sure to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of branding consulting firms. Once you have defined your brand, pay attention to the following simple recommendations that have passed your test.

Choose a suitable logo.

 Make your logo visible to everyone.

Specify your brand message.

What are the key messages you want to convey to others? All employees should be aware of the characteristics of your brand

Try to have a slogan.

Create a memorable, meaningful and short slogan that reflects the nature of your brand.

Design templates and standards for your marketing tools that match your brand.

There should be the same design, color, logo, shape and feel in all tools and methods. You do not have to be luxurious, just be consistent and follow this procedure.

Be honest.

If you do not deliver on what your brand promises, customers will not only not recommend you to others, they will no longer refer you.

Pay attention to the content you provide!

In today’s world, everyone looks closely at the content and to a large extent we can say that we will see the feedback of our writings soon. Because if we can not write as expected, we will be warned quickly and this can be considered our inability

Reply to messages.

You are not going to give detailed answers to each message as to why customers need to enter into a deal with you. But send at least one message in a few words. This is a sign of your importance and attention.

Be aware that whatever you do is part of your brand!

Your personal brand is a big part of all parts of your life. It should even show itself in dressing up and all the activities shared with your friends and colleagues.