Dez Bryant confused by Tim Tebow’s accounted for manage Jaguars

Dez Bryant confused by Tim Tebow’s accounted for manage Jaguars

Dez Bryant realizes exactly that it is so difficult to acquire work as a NFL player.

The veteran receiver spent his initial eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys as truly outstanding at his position, acquiring three Pro Bowl berths and an All-Pro nod. At that point, at 29 years of age, he lost his job.

The Cowboys released Bryant in April 2018, a month into an evaporated free agency market. He didn’t look for some kind of employment again until November with the New Orleans Saints, part of the way through the 2018 season. That work finished before his first game on account of a cracked Achilles ligament endured practically speaking.

He didn’t play again until week nine of the 2020 season with the Baltimore Ravens after in excess of two full seasons from the alliance. Presently he’s a free specialist, searching again for fill in as a 32-year-old ex-Pro Bowler.

So when Tim Tebow supposedly consented to an arrangement with his old companion and new Jacksonville Jaguars mentor Urban Meyers nine years eliminated from an absolute disappointment of a NFL career, Bryant was, well … confounded.

In the event that you missed it, NFL Network covered Monday that the Jaguars are wanting to sign Tebow to a one-year bargain as a tight end. Not a quarterback.

The mentor and coach he won two school titles and a Heisman Trophy close by is in the NFL and furnishing him with one more shot in a mercilessly cutthroat class playing a position he’s rarely played — at 33 years of age.

Also, Bryant — as yet searching for work — thinks that its difficult to accept.