Digital Marketing Expert Jiten Thakkar highlights the importance of social media in building a brand

Digital Marketing Expert Jiten Thakkar highlights the importance of social media in building a brand

Internet use has become widespread at an interesting age. Only a few people know the internet existed back then. But now, a large number of people from all over the world use the internet in one way or another.

The internet has undoubtedly affected our way of living and for some; it has become part of their world. Whether it is reading books, watching movies or doing online shopping, you can do it all online. Organizations have also made use of the internet by promoting their products and services in online platforms. Social media agencies are all over the internet waiting for clients who want their products promoted.

Digital marketing expert Jiten Thakkar agrees that most of the things we do revolve around the internet. “Social media marketing is the in-thing for both established and start-ups that want to leave a mark”, Says Thakkar.

The internet is not only limited to entertainment options of shopping online from top brands like amazon, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the rest. It is also a rewarding marketing channel for SMEs and large corporates. 

Content marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing are the foundation of digital marketing. When asked how these elements of digital marketing can help in brand promotion, here is what Jiten says;

“All these services have a great chance of transforming a brands image in fact, in a way that you can hardly believe. Besides promoting brand recognition, they also help a business achieve its goals”.

Social media marketing can yield the best results for both start-ups and corporates. Start-ups can especially benefit more from this form of business marketing.

 “Social media marketing is like the pathway to prosperity and growth for businesses”, adds Jiten. 

There are numerous social media platforms that you can use for marketing your business. Remember that a large percentage of people spend the most time online on entertainment, looking for information, buying products among other things. All you need to do is understand how to use these platforms for business marketing. There are also social media marketing agencies that you can use to promote your brand on social media.

The work of a social media company is to connect businesses to the right audience which in this case is their target group. These companies do not do a one time job. They also have to ensure that the connection between a brand and its target group is maintained. 

“Social media marketing companies give life to a brand. They share important details about their services; they engage the right audience and they make your social media marketing campaign easer” 

Considering how businesses will be after Covid-19, social media marketing is the way to go. Different brands can effectively communicate with their customers through social media, now that staying at home is the new normal. Most people staying at home get entertainment through social media. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and you name it; you can as well use it for the benefit of your brand. 

Indeed, the pandemic has come with its share of challenges and businesses are the ones greatly affected. However, all brands, whether large or small can overcome these challenges by connecting with the right audience through social media. 

 “Unlike before, businesses now know the importance of having a website, and you can make this website more visible by implementing SEO strategies. Increased visibility translates to a greater conversion rate”, urges Jiten Thakkar.

Social media marketing is effective for different types of industries, be it education, healthcare, real estate immigration, restaurants, financial products, HR or e-commerce. The list is actually endless. And remember, global recognition, which is one of the top benefits of social media marketing means that you can enjoy clients from as far as Malaysia, Singapore, South America, South Africa and other places where you had never thought of reaching. 

Another interesting fact is that digital marketing is not only about brand recognition. Besides, companies can also improve their online reputation. For instance, when a person wants to get more information concerning a type of brand or product, they can get the right information online.

“Achieving brand recognition is a great milestone for any company. It shows that the company offers products and services that clients need and trust” said Jiten. Social media marketing companies also perform case studies that can transform a brand with negative presence to the best performing category. 

Industries like technology, auto and goods are also among the ones greatly affected by Covid 19. These companies have seen a gradual drop in their sales for the last few months. Besides that, the availability of products and services can’t be guaranteed. For now, most countries have relaxed their restrictions; however, it is easy to see a change in consumer behaviour. To stay safe from the pandemic, many people are still purchasing goods and services online. This gives businesses a reason why they should also transform to digital if they are yet to.

Brands already affected by the pandemic can benefit a lot through social media marketing. It should be their key tool considering that the business world is now unpredictable. There are also so many channels that you can use to promote your brand on social media, and they keep evolving every day. Businesses that embrace social media marketing now can breathe absolute success.

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