Discover Duda Lisboa’s success story!

Discover Duda Lisboa’s success story!

Brazilians have established themselves in North America as a reference in digital intelligence.

Entrepreneur Duda Lisboa has just surpassed the mark of 2 billion impressions in the digital world with the artists he manages on the main platforms. CEO of Lisbon Enterprises Group, a conglomerate of 8 companies in various sectors, currently the Brazilian has offices on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Ca, Dallas TX, and Celebration – Florida.

“People think we move to the USA and everything changes quickly in our lives. I have been working as an artist since I was 17 years old, before that I was already interested in this universe, as a teenager I took photojournalism and a radio course, and as an adult I became involved with technology in the telecommunications area. Everything adds up to make me who I am today ”, comments the businessman.

Sought by great artists to leverage engagements and manly on music and social media platforms, it does not only serve Americans and Brazilians, businessmen who are agents of big names in the entertainment and phonographic industry constantly land in the land of Uncle Sam for meetings and contractual agreements with Dudley.

Your company now operates providing support for personalities that use Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms that sell content and convert their followers into consumers. Today the entrepreneur advises in the support of the digital area for the biggest names in urban music (Funk, Trap and Rap) in Latin America and Gospel Music making their countrymen achieve visibility at a global level.