Diversity Data Analytics Platform Atlas Banks a $6 Million Bridge Financing Round

Diversity Data Analytics Platform Atlas Banks a $6 Million Bridge Financing Round

The funding was provided by Gener8 VC, a Canadian impact investment platform.

The firm, which is located in Melbourne, plans to grow from its present staff of 35 to double as it enters new markets in North America and the EU. It’s currently in use in forty different nations.

Diversity Atlas was born out of Cultural Infusion; the concept began with research and development in 2016 and was introduced in 2019. After two years, the startup started collaborating with Amazon to use the platform to better understand and engage its global workforce. The AWS Inclusion Playbook now acknowledges Diversity Atlas as the prerequisite for inclusion.

In order to promote change, foster involvement, and meet ESG objectives, the platform provides businesses and their leadership teams with an overview of the cultural diversity composition of the organization.

Diversity Atlas is based on rigorous, peer-reviewed research conducted over a seven-year period by a team of data engineers, anthropologists, and other subject matter experts, according to founder and CEO Peter Mousaferiadis, who previously established Cultural Infusion in 2002. Organizations with teams as small as 50 or as large as over a million members use it at Amazon.

“We are excited to officially announce this funding round, to support the high-growth period we are currently experiencing at Diversity Atlas,” Mousaferiadis said.

“Diversity in the workplace has never been more relevant, and having robust data allows companies and organisations, big and small, to make intelligent decisions and foster sustainable growth for their company and team.”

Kurt Menzies, the founder of Gener8 VC, claimed that Diversity Atlas can provide businesses with more reliable and detailed information about their business because it possesses the largest collection of its kind, consisting of over 45,000 human identification data points.

“At Gener8 VC we are focused on investing in the changemakers of tomorrow,” he said.

“Diversity Atlas is a great example of how data can foster a positive work environment to support positive economic growth.”