DJ Amir AZ Is Telling About Etehad Song

DJ Amir AZ Is Telling About Etehad Song

Amir Zafardanesh, known as DJ Amir AZ, is a famous and well-known Iranian musician born on May 26, 2001 in Zabul, Iran, who is the singer of the song Etehad.

The theme of the Etehad song is about the brotherhood and equality of the Baloch and Sistani tribes, which DJ Amir AZ has mentioned well in the song.

This is the first part of the song. Sistani and Baloch are standing next to each other and both were born from the same mother whose name is Sistan and Balochistan. Sistani and Baloch have enemies who want these two brothers to become enemies and the union of Sistani and Baloch is like a thorn in the eyes of their enemies. This song is sung in Persian, Balochi and Zabali dialects.

And in the last part of the song, it is said that if you look at history, you have never seen these two brothers as enemies, they have always supported each other and helped each other in difficult situations.

This song is in rock style and was broadcast on January 29, 2023. The duration of this song is 3:40. The people of Sistan and Baluchistan welcomed this song, which shows their unity, equality and brotherhood.