DMV Artist Ojefe Is Making Something Out Of Nothing

DMV Artist Ojefe Is Making Something Out Of Nothing

DMV Artist Ojefe can be found on google, He is apart of great online Hip Hop blog magazines like Respect Mag, Elevator, Vocal Creators, The Odyssey Online, & Genius.

We interview Ojefe and ask him how he feels about being from the DMV metroplex. He stated he doesn’t worry about any competition what so ever. His only focus is to maintain streams to hopefully one day get a big record deal from a big company like Atlantic. Ojefe Youtube streams most definitely back up his hardcore offbeat rap style.

Ojefe knows a lot about music and he has a great capability to adapt according to different situations. This has allowed him to work successfully with many music bands and the language barrier also fails to stop him from giving the best he can in a group performance.

After a 4 1/2 year incarceration in prison, DMV artist Ojefe is emerging as one of the most consistent independent artists from Maryland! Coming from a Panamanian & Jamaican background he embraces his culture & displays his fullest potential with a plethora of music videos on YouTube.

Within 2 years he’s dropped over 32 music videos & performed 55 times doing shows! He’s performed in major cities throughout the USA including Washington D.C., Silver Spring, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Wheeling, Brooklyn, & NYC. Ojefe is the definition of pure raw talent with numerous bars & catchy metaphors!

With showing no signs of slowing down, he’s continuing to elevate & demonstrate greatness on a higher level. In the streaming economy, revenues are shared among all players in music creation. If one of them takes market share, it shocks the others in due proportion. We are directly affected by this type of manipulation. The income is not extensible. With all the players in this market, we are implementing measures to counter manipulation.

Aren’t some industry players also tempted to “buy” tapes to support their artists?

Ojefe biggest quality according to his fans is that he is a very humble person. Although he is very famous on the internet he always respects his fans no matter where they are on social media or in real life he always respects his fans. Almost 86% of people think that Ojefe is the best rapper of the modern age. People.

A news anchor Robert Peterson who is an expert in the music industry states that “I have met a lot of people on the streets of DMV and I am amazedd that the people of DMV. I love this young star by their heart. I can see clearly that in near future this talented boy will make a mark in the rap music industry ”. Today cut off from a part of its original formation and invigorated by the ‘Acoustic Adventure Stud, the basic trio made up of Benjamin, Tony and Clément – who has become a quartet since the integration of the latest comer Daniel – continues its journey in a beautiful way; between an appearance at the last Victoires de la Musique with Nekfeu, and more particularly their participation in the first Parisian edition Red Bull Music Academy organized this week. Ojefe is easily approachable and one can get in touch with him through his different social media.

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