Dr. Amir Hashemloo Talks on excelling has a cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Amir Hashemloo Talks on excelling has a cosmetic surgeon

Day by day, the cosmetic industry marketplace gets more saturated and
commoditized. The sky-rocketing demand for cosmetic surgeons for
beauty defects purposes is attracting lots of newcomers into this market

One of the notable names in this industry is Dr. Amir Hashemloo and
today he will be dishing out tips on how to succeed as a cosmetic

The Origin Story

“Family is the support you will never have to pay for because come rain,
or shine, they will be there to cheer you on every of your life goals.”
When your family is solidly behind you, you’re definitely set to conquer
the world. When the zeal to become a medical student was born, Amir
got a lot of encouragement from his family and friends to pursue a
career in the field.

He enrolled in the field of experimental sciences in medicine at Shahid
Beheshti University of Medical  Sciences and got an exceptional rank of
32 in the university entrance exam. 

Amir always had a creative side of him and while in college he explored
his creativity by venturing into art sculpting. Combing his two interests in
medicine and sculpting, he began his journey into cosmetic surgery.

Excelling in the Cosmetic Industry

With several years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, Amir has
worked with a lot of famous celebrities and individuals. Having that
much achievement requires lots of hard work and tactics.

Below are some of the habits that have helped Amir ways on how he to
find success in the saturated cosmetic industry ;

Create a pool of variety

Prospective plastic surgery patients are looking for proof that you are
skilled and will give them the results they want. They find that proof in
your before/after photos as well as your reviews. Make sure to show
every age, ethnicity, body type so prospective patients can see
themselves in the photos and want similar results to what others have


To stand out in a saturated market, you need to offer never-seen-before
value to customers.

“One of my biggest achievements was innovating and developing my
very own method of correcting the eye and eyebrow frame,” Amir says.
When you create unique services it gives you an edge over your


Maintain a high level of professionalism at all times with your patients.

“Be honest and patient with your patients, When it comes to selecting a
patient, don’t be afraid to turn down candidates who are not suitable for
cosmetic procedures,” Amir says.

If you know how to ensure customer satisfaction and successfully
provide it, then you have a clear advantage over your competitors. 


The life of our business often plays out as much as life itself does: we try,
we fail, we get lucky and fall onto bad luck and occasionally make our
own luck, and eventually everything ends one way or another.
When we face challenges, we have to put our heads up and keep at it
when it might seem easier to give up.