Dr. Amit Asudani: “COVID-19 has had a resounding impact on cosmetic dentistry”

Dr. Amit Asudani: “COVID-19 has had a resounding impact on cosmetic dentistry”

The business of repair and extraction of teeth may have hit rock bottom with the pandemic, but Dr.AmitAsudani provides some great insights of hope into the impact of coronavirus on dentistry.

Dentistry is undergoing its darkest hour yet, with the rise of the pandemic. Dr. Asudani asserts that dental surgeons face the most significant risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus, alongside nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel. The virus has had a demoralizing effect on the dental industry, and as the pandemic continues to ride the growth curve, it is hard to ascertain the extent and severity of its long-term repercussions. Dr. Asudani acknowledges that the future of dental personnel and the sustenance of their profession are a serious concern. He urges the government authorities of all nations to come forward and collaborate with their dental and medical community to make sure dentists get all the help they need, like accounting for monthly wages and clinic rentals due to the absence of revenues. This will help dental practitioners tide through these unprecedented and challenging times.

Dr. Asudani affirms that practicing dentistry has become a challenge as most approaches and processes involve dental teaching institutions to be compatible with government norms and regulations on the coronavirus – which is not the case as of now. He shares, “The dental fraternity must take all the care when it comes to practicing dentistry as we’re in an environment where even a small dip in meeting protocols and taking precautions can prove to be highly expensive.” Particularly in India, where sanitization and sterilization procedures as a part of dental practices are widely absent, it only increases the risks in carrying out emergency dental treatments. Considering the impact of COVID-19 on dentistry, it needs to undergo a significant overhaul to prevent dentists and patients from contracting and transmitting the virus.

Dr. Asudani recommends creating and promoting more effective engineering means to mitigate the infectious disease risk of COVID-19. It is crucial to secure the future of public health against all odds. He shares, “It could well turn the tables if effective infection control mechanisms and other changes are implemented and could set a benchmark of safe healthcare practices for dentistry in the future.” For this to happen, significant monetary investments, appropriate training, and process management to foster protocol adherence must follow suit to ensure minimum risk to patients and dentists alike against COVID-19.

Given his experience and proven track record in dentistry, Dr. Asudani’s advice is well worth considering.