Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Recognized Among the Top 12 Master Bariatric Surgeons Globally

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Recognized Among the Top 12 Master Bariatric Surgeons Globally

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez has several accolades to his name. He is a world-renowned Bariatric Surgeon who has earned global fame because of his gastric sleeve surgeries. A top expert in his field, Dr. Alvarez is one of the selected 12 surgeons worldwide who have been bestowed with the prestigious ‘Master Bariatric Surgeon’ designation by the Surgical Review Corporation (an independent review board).

On being asked to share how he feels, “I am blessed to have helped so many of my patients undergo smooth surgeries. Gastric sleeve surgery is an innovation to old school practices. I am looking forward to more development in this field. This recent recognition has filled me with pride and responsibility,” says Dr. Alvarez.

Guillermo Alvarez, MD is also the Founder of Endobariatric and Endohospital, located in beautiful Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. His fame draws patients from all over the world. People travel to him for his expertise with gastric sleeve surgery. All his patients who have undergone surgery are doing well and living a healthy life. He has observed that people often are afraid of going through the procedure, fearing extreme pain or discomfort post-procedure. “We have been modifying our techniques over the years, including our medications. We schedule medications as per the patient history to suit their requirements,” shares Dr. Alvarez.

Dr. Alvarez has written seven books on gastric sleeve surgery. He has also made it to the No. 1 position on the Amazon.com Best Sellers Lists for his book ‘Bariatrics and Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery.’ He has also performed this surgery on his own mother, who had lived a difficult life with obesity coupled with other existing diseases. Dr. Alvarez performed the sleeve surgery on her, and today despite being aged, she is living a healthy and hearty life.

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez has performed well over 18,000+ surgeries so far. He takes out time for making YouTube videos spreading awareness about the surgery procedure and post-surgery treatment. He has so far uploaded over 600 videos about the questions he has received from people worldwide. His videos are quite popular and have been watched over 4.5 million times. His future goal is to create more awareness about how people can successfully deal with obesity by undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.