Dr. Johnny Castellar is a renowned Spanish ophthalmologist, specialist in oculoplastic surgery

Dr. Johnny Castellar is an expert in eye rejuvenation and facial aesthetic medicine.

The surgery he performs most is blepharoplasty. This surgery allows to rejuvenate the periocular area and clear the look. With these surgical techniques, fat bags and excess skin in the lower and upper eyelids are removed. It is a very safe outpatient surgery that allows for natural results.
Social networks are a fundamental part of your professional activity.
Dr. Castellar uses Instagram as a platform through which he can show his work to a very wide audience and build patient confidence. Through his profile he sometimes shares part of his personal life, which makes some people connect with him and generates an atmosphere of trust.

What is the aesthetic medicine treatment that patients appreciate the most?

Without a doubt, the correction of dark circles under the eyes. Many patients have complexes with their dark circles, but this can be solved in a simple way thanks to the hyaluronic acid that improves this area in a few minutes, providing volume, luminosity and a more rested look.

His instagram account is @doctor_castellar and has already over 100,000 followers!