Dr. KaNisha Hall Makes Time For A Medical Minute

Dr. KaNisha Hall Makes Time For A Medical Minute

Since accepting her appointment as the Chief Medical Correspondent for Kluster Radio Media Group, Dr. KaNisha Hall has not slowed down. You can now hear her daily with what she calls, “news you can use.” She will be producing a widely syndicated radio broadcast, the “Medical Minute.” This new project will offer concise health and wellness information in keeping with the current news cycle. Vetted recommendations concerning the ongoing public health crisis will of course be addressed. However, Dr. Hall really wants to bring awareness to many other pertinent topics in the headlines.

Dr. Hall explains, “Recently Actor/Comedian Sinbad suffered a stroke. While we all are praying for a speedy recovery, this scary turn of events presents the perfect opportunity to promote cardiovascular disease awareness. The public needs to know what are risk factors for strokes. I also want people to know how to minimize their risk. Most importantly if I can teach my audience the key findings to potentially recognize when someone is suffering from a stroke, we just saved a life. Using my platform to inform and empower will always be my focus.”

“When you think about recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke, remember the acronym B.E. F.A.S.T. for balance, eyes, face, arm, speech and time respectively. If a person suddenly reports loss of balance, blurry vision, facial drooping, arm weakness and/or slurred speech, then time is of the essence. Quickly seek medical attention. The shorter the time interval between symptoms and treatment improves outcomes.”

“I have lost count of how many times I have had to remind people that my profession does not make me immune to healthcare disparities. By that statement, I am saying that because I have this title of doctor does not mean that I am not affected by the disenfranchisement of my community. I still battle with my family history of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even an increased likelihood of dying in childbirth as a black woman.  So let’s talk about it. Let’s get informed. Let’s change the narrative.”

Where can you hear the “Medical Minute?”

All of Kluster Media’s Platforms and ATL TALKS IheartRadio.

Dr. KaNisha Hall, M.D. is a proud alumnus of Howard University. She is a board certified anesthesiologist who practices perioperative and addiction medicine. Dr. Hall is an established authority in telemedicine and medical media. www.drkanisha.com @drkanisha on social media.