EBay to Introduce QR Code-Based Product Listing Generation Feature

EBay to Introduce QR Code-Based Product Listing Generation Feature

In an effort to facilitate the listing of clothing on the online marketplace, eBay has introduced a new tool called “resell on eBay.”

With just a few button clicks, customers will be able to list apparel on eBay thanks to the new function that is included into Certilogo’s Secure by Design digital ID, which can be accessed by scanning the smart label of a linked goods, according to a news release issued by eBay on Wednesday.

“Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in reCommerce is crucial to fostering a preloved fashion marketplace,” Charis Marquez, global general manager of fashion at eBay, said in the release. “Our new resell feature helps brands keep their product out of landfill, while giving consumers an incredibly easy way to give their item a second life.”

According to the statement, Certilogo, which eBay purchased in 2023, has a digital ID printed on the product tag that is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This ID helps designers and businesses manage the lifecycle of their clothing and provides customers with a means of verifying the authenticity of the item.

According to the announcement, users can now amend an eBay listing that is prefilled with information about the item and post the item for sale on eBay by scanning the QR code on the smart label, which will generate a “resell your garment” button on the item’s digital profile.

According to the release, connected clothing with the new resell button will start to roll out in May. Italian lifestyle and outerwear company Save The Duck will be the first brand to test the functionality. In the near future, eBay intends to extend the service to additional brands.

“Finding solutions that help our customers make more circular choices — and keep our product out of landfill — is of the utmost importance to us,” Nicolas Bargi, CEO and founder of Save The Duck, said in the release.

In September 2023, eBay announced that it would be introducing an image-based listing tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) as part of an earlier attempt to make it easier for users to list products on the platform.

With this technology, customers only need to snap or upload a photo within the eBay app, and they can then watch as artificial intelligence (AI) fills in the data of the item automatically.