Elina Danilova – Changing Your Life Through Intentional Living

Elina Danilova – Changing Your Life Through Intentional Living

No matter the situation you must take care of your physical and mental well-being. This is one of the many useful tips given by Elina Danilova, a highly reputable wellness expert and life coach, who through entertaining and enlightening content empowers her clients, friends, family and followers to attain greater fulfilment in their lives. 

Elina’s journey to self-empowerment began in Moscow where she was raised. Relocating to the U.S came with bold decisions, one of which was bagging a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communications at the esteemed Asbury University in Kentucky, where she engaged in several activities targeted at giving her a firm grasp of the business world.

Following her initial brief stint in the business field, she switched to the medical world. Elina’s resilient mindset eventually led her to LA where she sought to refine her knowledge of mental health care. She soon discovered a great divide between the welfare of people and their way of living. With over a decade’s worth of experience in mental health related issues, this move furnished her impressive credentials in relation to psychology.

She says, “Remain future focused in the present.” Danilova aims to empower as many people as possible to truly confront themselves as well as gain a fresh perspective on life and purpose. In a recent five-day challenge she posed to her audience, she offered 3 easy steps to those who were feeling down without a glimpse of happiness: “Use words that encourage happiness” “Try one new thing every day” “Get rid of one unnecessary thing every day”

According to Elina “Consistency is key”, she constantly reminds us that positive change within a person can solely be achieved due to the effort, diligence and the consistency you put in. Her knack for emotional intuition and the skilful way she proves to be in tune with the sentiments experienced by others clearly sets her apart.

She works with people from various walks of life, supporting them to excel in all aspects of their lives, whether career driven or simply seeking a deeper connection with family, she encourages them to strive to improve relationships and provides them with strategies for a successful career which is achievable while still caring for their own well-being.

Elina does all these through her program Elina Danilova Life Coaching, with the aid of targeted individualistic strategies for her clients, she explores alongside them techniques to attaining their dreams and becoming who they truly want to be. Further information on the services she offers can be accessed at her website www.elinadanilova.com, which focuses on bringing others back to life.

In addition to her various altruistic pursuits, Elina is also the founder of Elina Spray Tan, where she sets a precedent on how to accomplish success even in the simplest things. By persistently seeking advancement in business, she expresses her belief that to excel, spray tanners should also be able to spray themselves.

You can find her spreading love, cheer and laughter by showing off her fancy dance moves coupled with fascinating quotes and advice on her various social platforms where her services can also be reached.

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