Empowering Italians: Antony Rossi’s Wolf Academy and Financial Education

Empowering Italians: Antony Rossi’s Wolf Academy and Financial Education

His business started when he was 14 years old. He first ventured into this world out of curiosity after seeing advertisements online. From there, he became attracted to it, especially finance. He studied on his own using online resources, being alone without anyone to guide him, and he lost money due to his naivety.

However, as he continued studying and obtained a degree in Banking and Insurance Sciences of Financial Markets, he was able to create various artificial intelligences (which are gaining ground in every field in 2023). With these AI systems, he enables anyone to enter the financial markets with calculated and reduced risk, even without experience or a particular inclination for risk.

These skills and artificial intelligence differentiate him from the competition, including unreliable agencies and trainers who unfortunately provide poor results to their clients, leading these clients to believe that the world of trading is fake and does not work.

Online trading is a method of investing in the stock market that can be done conveniently from home using a computer or any internet-connected device. It involves buying or selling financial securities online, such as stocks, currencies, bonds, options, or others, through an online broker who executes the trades on our behalf.

The enormous advantage of online trading is the ability to make money both when the stock markets are rising and when they are falling. It is suitable for those who want to invest their money wisely without letting inflation erode the purchasing power of their funds.

Furthermore, Antony holds a Master’s degree in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets, issued by the Italian Society of Technical Analysis, which is recognized at the European level. This Master’s degree attests to his extensive knowledge of trading, financial instruments, and the world of finance in general. It validates his expertise in this sector and allows people to trust and rely on competent professionals.

With his 10 years of experience, this 25-year-old guy, who has now almost moved to Dubai, manages his educational company called Wolf Academy. In 2021, he obtained his first managed account worth €80,000. In 2022/2023, he acquired two more accounts worth €500,000 each, accompanied by their respective certificates.

His company provides comprehensive training in trading, investments, and finance, consisting of 270 lessons, over 50 modules, and more than 22 hours of lectures. They also offer managed accounts with thousands of euros, eliminating the need for clients to add additional funds for trading since Wolf Academy provides the necessary capital.

If clients lose money, they are not held accountable. They are only required to operate as they see fit and generate profits. This distinguishes Wolf Academy as the only entity that offers managed accounts where clients can make profits after completing the training, without using their own money or worrying about losing it. They provide a solution in this field, resolving every problem.

Wolf Academy accompanies and guides clients step by step until they achieve their goals.

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