Enes Kanter signs with Trail Blazers, apparently over Lakers

Enes Kanter signs with Trail Blazers, apparently over Lakers

In 2015, the Trail Blazers signed Enes Kanter to a four-year, close max offer sheet.

The Thunder coordinated, at that point later exchanged him to the Knicks, who as of late deferred him.

After all that, Portland is at last getting its man.

Jusuf Nurkic is having a strong year as the Trail Blazers’ beginning center. I’m unconvinced Kanter is even an update over reinforcements Meyers Leonard and Zach Collins. In any case, at any rate Kanter brings an alternate style. He’s a greater amount of an inside nearness than those two.

The Lakers’ interest surprised me. When they opened a roster spot, it showed up reserved for Carmelo Anthony. They truly endeavored to sign Kanter – a noted LeBron James annoyer – rather than the companion LeBron said he needed? Kanter makes far more basketball sense than Anthony in Los Angeles, however Kanter presumably isn’t sufficient to legitimize disturbing LeBron. So, did LeBron sign off on that? Or is the Lakers’ front office operating that independently of its superstar here?