ENGELSINN: Raring To Reach The Top Spot In The World As A Jewelry Brand With Their Awe-inspiring Designs

ENGELSINN: Raring To Reach The Top Spot In The World As A Jewelry Brand With Their Awe-inspiring Designs

In a very short span of time, ENGELSINN has shown its mettle as a new e-commerce brand.

The more we speak of how the digital era has been instrumental in revolutionizing various industries, the less it feels is spoken about it. The reason is quite clear because the world has seen some of the lowest lows and highest highs in recent times with changing dynamics of many industries and the e-commerce world has been no behind. However, many new e-commerce brands catering to many different niches came forward, especially after realizing the importance of the digital world and this has paved the way for many new brands to enter the market to show their newness and uniqueness. One such jewelry and watch brand that entered the industry the digital way has been proving its mettle in a very short span of time it is called “ENGELSINN“.

ENGELSINN is a Germany based online jewelry selling store that got launched only last year in April and within a year, it has already made its name amongst the top female and male accessories brands in the world. Initially, the brand started operations for female customers, but as they grew each passing day with their unique collections and accessories, in August 2019, they even expanded their online store for men accessories.

The various items and accessories they sell for women include bracelets, necklaces, rings and other jewelry items, while for men their armbands are already a hit. They had realized the importance of starting their business as an online jewelry store looking at the various advancements the online market for brands were already making and also the growth of various social media platforms. This led ENGELSINN to become an online accessories brand that can cater extensively to not only women but also men.

Today the e-commerce accessories brand is a robust team of 20 people, who have been the workforce and also the driving force behind the success of the brand in such a short period. It consists of talented professionals who have expertise in different departments and have helped the brand receive worldwide recognition. The brand is also ahead in the market as they provide proper training to their newly hired staff members.

Two things that ENGELSINN considers as their most valuable assets are their workforce and customers. The online store, as a company, also efficiently divides the workforce into various categories and helps in increasing its efficiency. The brand’s success till now can also be attributed to their efforts in providing the highest quality products and accessories, ensuring safe delivery as well as customer satisfaction.

For people looking out for some cool and happening stuff in terms of accessories, jewelry and watches, ENGELSINN comes to their rescue and delivers products across the globe. Their Instagram account, which already has more than 300K followers, is proof of the love they receive from around the world. Chatbots are installed and linked to ENGELSINN’s website and social media account for ensuring increased response rate to customers.

Many e-commerce brands enter the industry, but only a few are able to spell their magic over everyone, ENGELSINN, definitely prove to be that accessories brand, raring to reach the top in the world.

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