Enjoy Wonderful Moments in Life with Moutai

Enjoy Wonderful Moments in Life with Moutai

  • World
  • September 22, 2022

Fans outside China once raised a question on Facebook— “What does Moutai mean to Chinese people?”

This is an interesting question that is hard to answer. “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” Moutai is a culture. It symbolizes the inheritance of ingenuity. It is the source of inspiration. It serves as a representative of Chinese Baijiu. And now, it has become an emotional and cultural symbol that all Chinese people are proud of. Moutai witnesses the wonderful moments and records the important ones in our lives.

    To many people, Moutai is like a river that flows through all aspects of life. It accompanies us on trips to dangerous rapids and to lofty mountains.

    Moutai is like a thin silk thread that strings different people together, even if we are on opposite sides of the sea.

    Moutai is also like a sand clock that records our moments of hesitation and enthusiasm. 

    With delicacies, music, solar terms, festivals, painting, and poetry, Moutai is showing Chinese culture to the world in a more brilliant way.

More tasting, More gaining

In the future, Moutai will share more extraordinary moments with you. Moutai wishes to walk through the long river of time and appreciate the great changes in life with you. Let’s raise our glasses to the wonderful moments in life!