Entier is Aiming to Disrupt the Health and Fitness Performance Industry

Entier is Aiming to Disrupt the Health and Fitness Performance Industry

They’re bringing their revolutionary approach for improving human performance to the masses

Imagine stepping into a futuristic-looking chamber full of monitors, cameras and state-of-the-art, high tech equipment and, in less than a half hour, completing a comprehensive, 7 station, 600 data-point assessment complete with deep, life-changing insights and analytics into your health, fitness and performance.

No, you’re not at a professional sports team headquarters or at a training facility for Olympic athletes. What you’ve just experienced is the Orlando, Florida-based company’s entirely unique way of improving human performance that is disrupting an entire industry. They are breaking down barriers by making this transformative strategy available to everyone.

Entier (pronounced: En-tee-air) has dubbed their futuristic-looking assessment chambers “EPIC Pods” and you’ll find them at recreational sports facilities, hospitals, health and fitness centers and at Entier-operated facilities. Entier evaluates individuals based on various metrics including functional movement, strength, health vitals, health biometrics, sensory areas, speed, and agility.

According to Nicole Kasten, Entier Co-Founder and COO, “The key to our approach is to combine state-of-the-art assessments and analytics at a price point that is affordable to anyone who is interested in improving their athletic performance, lifestyle, health and fitness. In this way, we are disrupting the entire athletic and wellness assessment industry.

Human Performance Assessment – the Driving Force of Improvement

Human performance assessment, and the data that is generated from it, is now the driving force and the key metric for decision-making in sports, workplaces and for any individual looking to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Data analytics have revolutionized the way we identify, evaluate and nurture improvement.

A comprehensive, multi-faceted health and fitness assessment eliminates the guesswork and results in tangible improvement. Unlike current subjective assessment methods and over-reliance on limited feedback from wearables, Entier’s “results-based” approach identifies performance gaps and prescribes actionable solutions.

For the first time, individuals across the entire spectrum of human performance have an opportunity to experience and benefit from evidenced-based insights,” added Kasten.

Bridging the Gap for the Wider Population

With backgrounds in medical science, sports technology, and health assessment, the Entier leadership team has a broad base from which to approach human performance. Members of the Entier team bring extensive experience and vision in their quest to revolutionize performance analytics.

Tanya Porter, Chief Science and Technology Officer at Entier, first realized the power of human performance analytics during her time as Head of Performance Technology with the United States Olympic Committee (“USOC”). However, while the latest sports technology and assessments were common for athletes at that level, it was simply unavailable for consumers.

Throughout my years as a pioneer in sports technology with the USOC, there has continued to be a gap in bringing together all the assessments and critical data for athletes and for the broader population,” stated Porter. “With so many more individuals taking responsibility for their health and seeking the very best available technology, there is a real need for our assessments and integrated data analytics.

Online Access to Personalized Results

As part of the process, Entier also calculates a standardized index score (which Entier calls the “EPIC Score”). Users download Entier’s Connect/Improve app to see their scores and reports, track their progress and get step-by-step ways to improve.

All populations”, says Porter, “will benefit greatly from the feedback they get from our EPIC assessment with the daily personalized training roadmap on our Connect/Improve app. We guide them to better health and fitness performance while minimizing injury risks.

Shaping Up for Transformation

2019 is shaping up to be a transformational year for Entier. They are concluding an agreement to partner with a world-renown orthopedic hospital for clinical research and advanced data analytics. Entier will also be opening its first retail performance assessment facility in Orlando, Florida at the busiest sports complex in the world.

Kasten concludes, “We’re planning for widescale market adoption of our entire platform and, in particular, our transformative EPIC Score. Our objective is to make our products available to as many individuals worldwide as the ultimate better living resource.