Entrepreneur Naman Arora touches new milestones with his company ‘Data Art Information Technology’

The field of digital media is dynamic, and one must stay up to date when it comes to the changing circumstances. The vast field has given endless opportunities to young minds who have made a successful career as digital experts. To boost business growth and sales, many companies take the support of digital experts and consultants. Understanding this ever-changing demand over the digital domain, Delhi-based Naman Arora has made his mark as a superlative entrepreneur. He is the founder of data Art Information Technology’, a digital agency based out of Delhi.

Naman always had one clear vision – to be a bossman. During his stint as a corporate employee, Arora spent his time after office building something of his own. Simultaneously juggling between many projects and gaining thorough knowledge about digital media saw him embark on a journey of entrepreneurship with ‘Data Art Information Technology’. Blessed with creative apprehension, Mr Arora is widely known for unique digital strategies for the growth of any business.

The digital agency offers an ample number of services including social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis. Giving a 360-degree exposure to brands and business entities, Naman has subsequently learned various other aspects like SEO, Google Ads, YouTube marketing, and WordPress. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency has been instrumental in helping businesses grow at an exponential rate.

He says, “The brands and companies today are highly dependent on digital media. Everything is just a click away, and all you need is a smartphone and the internet. There has been a gradual shift from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing methods.” Moreover, the last two years have been a game-changer for this talented entrepreneur. With his out of the box content strategies, Naman Arora has added his name among the best digital marketing influencers of India. Growing at a rapid pace, Mr. Arora seems to have no stopping, and his work has made him an affluent entrepreneur in the digital world.