Everything You Need To Know About USPS tracking

Everything You Need To Know About USPS tracking

The acronym USPS literally means “United State Postal Service”. In practice, USPS is an independent government agency that receives, ships and processes goods in the United States and worldwide. The agency is very similar to the Brazilian post office and has a high quality of delivery.

Many people who import products from the United States use the agency’s service. One fact that motivates these people to benefit from USPS services is the possibility that goods sent to Brazil will not be taxed. And if there is a fee, that number does not exceed 60%.

This can happen when the declared amounts are below $ 50. But it is worth remembering that it is only a possibility. To learn more about shipping goods and tracking the USPS, check out our article!

The creation of the USPS

The agency was created in the year 1775 and currently has units spread throughout the American territory. Each unit is responsible for providing services to a specific jurisdiction.

Other market alternatives

Despite what some people may imagine, the USPS is not the only agency responsible for shipping goods. There are other alternatives such as:

  • DHL;
  • Fedex Express;
  • Ground;
  • and Amazon.

The quality of the shipment

Shipping goods using the service is simple and secure. In the case of importing products into Brazilian territory, the USPS delivers the goods to the American post office at customs in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Curitiba.

USPS Product Tracking

With all this route, the curiosity to follow the path of the goods arises. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

Print your labels online

Through the Chick-n-Ship platform it is possible to print your labels in the virtual environment and prepare your package for shipping. This process can be performed on any device with internet access.

Schedule shipping

The second step is to schedule the shipment of the goods. This can be done without leaving the office or home. The entire process can be performed on the USPS website. (and collection is free). Schedule your USPS packages from here

Choose your service

USPS offers several ways to ship merchandise. At this stage, it is possible to choose the size of the object and packaging to be sent, weights, among other essential information.

USPS tracking

After sending, it is possible to track the object and accompany it until the moment it arrives at the programmed location. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  • access the tracking ink ;
  • in the box, enter the code for the object;
  • then click on the orange button written track;
  • scroll the scroll bar and check the information about the object.

Understanding how the USPS agency’s shipping and tracking process works is critical to feeling safe when importing products. But, without a doubt, to increase this security it is essential to have a good order redirector. If you want to chat with us about shipping your goods, get in touch .