Exclusive Interview With NFL Free Agent Dalton Patterson !

Exclusive Interview With NFL Free Agent Dalton Patterson !

Dalton Patterson is an athlete who has played to the topmost levels in football but has still maintained his entrepreneurial culture. He has been an NFL free agent cornerback and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a player, he never lets his entrepreneurial skills and zeal go un-utilized. He is a clothing brand owner, real estate investor, and a brand ambassador. He has worked with Iconic brands Like; fashion Nova, Spray Ground, Embellish, and Karter Collection.

Tell us a little about yourself?

For those who don’t know me my name is Dalton Patterson but everyone calls me DPatt. I’m a 27 year old athlete / entrepreneur for new orleans louisiana. I have started a few businesses to name a few. Spade blvd clothing, a real estate business, an online marketing business to help other businesses grow among a few other businesses. I have 2 brothers dylan and dawson and 2 sisters dayja and puddin. I’m the oldest of all my brothers and sisters so i feel like it’s up to me to set the path for success for us all. Create generational wealth.

What are your plans for the future?

My main focus is my clothing brand Spade Blvd. in the next few years I’d like to be one of the top brands on the market. I have a few photo shoots coming up which will be very fun. If any models are interested in participating dm me on instagram @dpattofficial lets talk. I moved to los angeles 2 years ago so i hope to expand my real estate business here soon. And i have a few other fires that will be upcoming that i can’t speak on yet but stay tuned.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome? One of my biggest obstacles was furthering my football career. Coming out of high school i did not have the grade or the act score to go division one. Not because I’m the smartest but just because i was lazy and didn’t think that I needed it. Once i found out it was two late. I didn’t take the act until my last semester junior year and only made a 18. So i was force to go to junior college if i wanted to further my career. My freshman year there i was suspended after the second game of the season for something that was out of my control so i pretty much though it was over. But god gave me a second chance which allowed my to play my sophomore season in which i played good enough to be offered to play at a few division one schools. 2014 i graduated for western kentucky and begun training for the nfl. At that time i pulled both hamstrings during a workout for a team that was another major set back. Most people pull one i pulled both so the recovery time was double. It was then when i realized that if i wanted to still achieve goals that i had for myself i may need to go another route. I begun starting businesses many that failed or that i gave up on. Which I shouldn’t have done but I was young and didn’t know any better. But luckily I didn’t give up on the process fully which allowed me to succeed in a few and put me in the position that i’m in today.