Expert opinion Anna Javili  Annyko Studio 

Expert opinion Anna Javili  Annyko Studio 

“Connect with your client on a soul level,” 

Anna Javili, co-founder and the head of Annyko Studio 

Anna Javili owns a successful permanent makeup salon Annyko Studio in Manhattan. In just a year since opening, the studio has become really popular in NYC. Anna is convinced that the reason for such rapid success is her ability to hear her clients and to connect with them on a deep human level.

“Of course, you have to be technically perfect. You have to hone your permanent makeup skills permanently. You have no days off in this respect. But I think technical mastery is not enough if you want to be successful in the beauty industry. You need to give your clients something more than just providing qualified PMU services to them. You need a special connection. Because you work with their faces – the most essential part of their bodies and one of the staples of their self-esteem.

I have my own protocol for working with a client. Any treatment in Annyko Studio begins with a greeting and an acquaintance. Then we make photo and video shooting: we keep photos in the archive to monitor treatment to treatment progression. After the shooting, I listen to the client’s wishes and give my recommendations regarding their case. Then we can make a sketch of the final result of the PMU treatment we are planning to make. Only after the client approves the sketch can we proceed to the main work. And we will say “goodbye” to the client only after we have seen a positive reaction to the result and given them complete instructions for the post-care.

But the permanent makeup treatment is nothing without the human connection. The connection has to begin from the very first moments of speaking to your client. You have to care for them and to be willing to understand their needs. 

Why do they want to change their appearance in this special way? What is their main purpose of making permanent makeup? What is their style? What does their energy feel like? The better you understand your client, the more precise to their case your artistry will be. The warmer the contact you are able to create during the working process, the more satisfied the client will leave you. Sometimes clients are very nervous, it is important to calm them down so that they can trust you. During the treatment we talk and laugh a lot with my clients. 

And there’s one more lifehack I can share with you. Don’t rush to make the permanent makeup as bright as the client wants it from the very start. Insist on giving the client more natural looks. Many of them will thank you for that at the end. You can always add to the level of brightness of permanent makeup, but it will be really hard to lower any bright colors if the client would ask you to. 

Care about your client, be confident and professional and the client will love you back.”


Anna Javili has 2.5 years of experience in the permanent makeup industry. Now she runs her own 1780 square feet Studio on 385 5th Avenue. Annyko Studio has gained 88 thousand followers on Instagram and 111 thousand followers on Tik Tok.

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