Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lift Table

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lift Table

Lift tables are machines used in workplaces to raise or lower goods and/or humans. The lifting equipment optimizes and streamlines work processes and saves humans the pain of having to deal with heavy loads. Lifting tables offer many benefits, including the safety of employees, boost in productivity, low maintenance, and reduction in employee fatigue.

That said, there are important factors you should consider when shopping for a scissor lifting table. This article walks you through the things to look out for when choosing lifting equipment.

Here are the 4 factors to consider:

Your Distinct Work Processes

The first step is to analyze your needs. Generally, lifting tables are used to raise or lower loads. However, beyond lifting things, you need solutions that fit your work processes. In some cases, standard lift table specifications may not be good for the distinct process for which you want it. So, you will need a custom solution designed for you. As a result, you have to select a scissor lift solution that suits your unique work processes.

The Type of Load

The type of load you intend to lift determines the size of the lifting platform to choose. If the load you will be lifting is bigger than the standard size of the lift table, you have to get a table that is big enough to accommodate the load. No matter the size of your load, you can always have a suitable (in terms of wideness) scissor lifting table constructed for you.

Secondly, you have to always make sure that loads are stable on the machine before lifting or lowering. An unstable load can topple over and destroy things or injure workers – it can lead to death in extreme cases.

Weight of the Load

Scissor lift tables come in various weight capacities. Consequently, you have to consider the weight of the load you will be lifting, loading, or offloading. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of damaging your lift table with a load that is above its capacity. Considering the weight of the load is necessary for picking the lifting equipment with the optimal weight capacity. If you are looking for a lifting table for various applications, endeavor to choose one with a weight specification capable of carrying the heaviest load for which you intend to use it.

Vertical Height

You will have to know the maximum height of the lift table when fully raised or the distance from the ground when it is lowered. This is important so you can choose lifting equipment that suits your needs. Assuming the standard scissor lifting table’s vertical height is shorter than the height to or from which you want to transport load, you have to request a custom solution with your preferred specifications.

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