Family and Moral Commitment Help Guide Tamko

Family and Moral Commitment Help Guide Tamko

The actions and motivations of large companies have become an increasing focus of headlines in various forms of media. This has come about, in part, due to the higher standard many individuals now require of the companies with which they do business. In order to further explore this idea and illustrate what these high standards look like in action, we turned to Tamko, a leader in the roofing supplies industry. By examining various aspects of the ways in which the company is run, we can provide an example of what discerning consumers are seeking from modern businesses.

Guiding morals

One of the reasons that Tamko has become known for being a morally upright company is its strong adherence to the principles upon which it was founded. These principles are summed up succinctly by the company as a simple mantra — “work hard, do your best, be fair and honest, and hire people you can trust to do the same.” Since the company’s founding in 1944, these principles have evolved and coalesced into the company’s statement of Core Values —“Honesty, Integrity, and Compliance.” The takeaway from both these ideas is similar in that they not only place a high priority on the quality of the company’s offerings but also the process by which those offerings are created.

These guiding principles have been passed down through the company as a direct result of the family-run structure it has maintained since it was first created. Originally founded by E.L. Craig, the company transitioned to being run by his wife, Mary EthelCraig in 1954. Eventually, the company’s leadership passed to the couple’s daughter, her husband, and then to their son, David C. Humphreys. To this day the company continues to be headed by the family, which maintains its adherence to the principles laid down more than 75years ago.

Growth and quality

Looking to the manner in which the company has expanded over the years also provides a clue as to how it has maintained its adherence to ethical standards. Though the company originally sold only asphalt shingles when it was founded by Craig in 1944, it has since expanded greatly to offer additional products. This expansion process has been guided by numerous methods, including a continuous improvement program based on the practices of a renowned statistician. W. Edwards Deming.

This careful attention to expansion methodology shows the care the company takes when instituting changes. These efforts have led to the company growing far beyond its headquarters in Joplin, Missouri to create locations across the country. These additional locations have not only allowed the company to better serve customers but have also provided quality employment to thousands of loyal employees.

The above snapshot of the actions and guiding principles behind Tamko help to illustrate the attitude that a company must often take to stay true to a spirit of ethically upright behavior. This attitude is becoming highly prized by the public as the spread of information increases and customers are better able to look into the methods employed by the companies from which they purchase goods. Look for more updates from the roofing supply company to further examine how it meets and exceeds the high expectations of our time.