Family Sharing Is Now Available With Google Password Manager

Family Sharing Is Now Available With Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager family password sharing seems to be rolling out after teases earlier this year.

As part of Safer Internet Day, this feature was unveiled, highlighting some significant Family Link features. As per Android Authority, the feature of sharing passwords is presently available in the Google Password Manager for mobile devices running Google Play Services version 24.20.

Even with the most recent build, a few of our test devices don’t seem to have the choice. The help pages explain how this will function in detail. The member of your family group who shares a password will have access to a duplicate of the information in their Google Password Manager, which they can use with the relevant service.

As long as you have your current Password Manager account preserved with your login credentials, this ought to function with websites and applications. But as of right now, Chrome’s desktop version does not have the option. Below, you can see how this will operate if your device has the option available:

It should be mentioned that the Google Password Manager feature of password sharing is restricted to “accounts that are part of a family group,” making it more secure than a general sharing capability. Examples of situations where this functionality may be helpful were provided by Google, and they included “a child letting a parent access school assignments” and “coordinating daycare through a single account.”

A makeover of Material You is also being rolled out by Google Password Manager. It’s unclear if everyone will have access to both changes at the same time.